About Us

Our Story:

Aveavo is born to specially dedicated to ladies all around the world. Being beautiful is not about how appealing one look. Being beautiful is about acknowledging one’s flaws and weaknesses, embracing them and living each day with confidence. Here in Aveavo, we do not just provide blings and sparkles. We embark on a journey to empower ladies by advocating self-love through our jewellery. Let us get to know you and help you find that perfect piece of jewellery which suits you best. Because we believe that every lady deserves to shine bright like diamond.


Our mission is become internationally recognised as ladies’ Number One choice in online shopping, offering brilliant and dazzling jewellery. Therefore, we take great effort to source each piece of design because we are committed to provide our customers with only the highest quality of cubic zirconia crystal jewellery. Be awe by its similarity to a diamond, its brilliance and glint will leave you impressed. Yet cost only a fraction of a diamond’s. Follow Aveavo on this sparkling journey to be inspired with elegance, confidence, and glamour.